Monday, July 14, 2008

What an Animal Challenge

My girls have talked me into joining another challenge. The What an Animal Challenge sounds like much fun. I am having a bit of trouble narrowing my selection down, so I will try the old strategy of making a long list and vowing to read some of them. Here goes:

Hen's teeth and horse's toes by Stephen Jay Gould
The life of insects by V. B. Wigglesworth
Ants at work by Deborah Gordon
Insects of the World by Anthony Wootton
Spiders of the World by Rod and Ken Preston-Mafham
The alchemist's cat by Robin Jarvis
Snakes: a natural history edited by Roland Bauchot
The ape in the tree by Alan Walker and Pat Shipman
Lizards: windows into the evolution of diversity by Eric Pianka and Laurie Vitt
Discovering Fossil fishes by John Maisey
Dogs: their fossil relatives and evolutionary history by X. Wang and R. Tedford
Dinosaurs, spitfires, and sea dragons by Christopher McGowan
Among orangutans by Carel Van Schaik

I'm still working on a few challenges, but I look forward to getting on this list. Just don't know where to start.

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Kristi said...

What a great list of books! I've added several to my TBR list (Hen's Teeth, The Alchemist's Cat, Discovering Fossil Fishes, Dogs, Among Orangutans, and Dinosaurs, Spitfires, and Sea Dragons). I'm a science geek ;>), could you tell? I looking forward to hearing what you have to say about your choices and I hope you enjoy the challenge!