Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A review of Bonk

Bonk by Mary Roach is a fun book. It is an interesting and very funny overview of some of the "research" on human sexuality. Much of Kinsey's research was highlighted. Kinsey wrote the famous books on the sexual behavior of males and females in the 1950s and he and his fellow researchers were into filming some pretty wild stuff. The author tried to get access to the films, but was denied by "Kinsey" people who have his archives. The author not only discussed past and current research and interviewed current researchers in the field, but she actually participated in some research. She and her husband traveled to England where they were "scanned" using a CT scanner (I think it was a CT scanner; it's been a while since I actually read the book) whilst they had intercourse. Her description of this participation was interesting and enlightening. Her husband and the researcher were discussing golf as they were "scanned". Doesn't sound very romantic or very represntative of real sex...being crammed into a machine and having sex while your partner makes pedestrian conversation with a total stranger.
I did learn a little bit about "how things work", but mostly I learned about some of the research into sexuality. It is also abundantly clear from this research how little we know about such an important activity. The author made this book much fun, and I will definitely read her other books.

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