Friday, March 03, 2006

Deep thoughts about snakesq

I like snakes. They are very beautiful and most gentlemanly in their dealings with each other (well, the males are anyway). Their ritualized combat is amazing to watch. Venomous snakes have more than enough venom to kill their rivals, but they never do.

Salamanders are cool, too. Slimier than snakes by far, and far less dangerous when handled, but no less amazing.

Snakes need more positive PR like they get from me. Then maybe people like my mother wouldn't hate them for no reason. A snake will only bite when grabbed or stepped on, and rarely even when it's cornered. People are FAR more dangerous to people than snakes. Mosquitos are thousands of times more deadly than are venomous snakes.

More rumination after some cogitation.

Rock on, people.


debi said...

Is there any significance to the q?

Rich said...

What are you, some kind of wiseguy? Well?