Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Science Challenge - Made for me?

My lovely wife Debi told me about The Science Challenge. I simply must participate. Here's a list of possibles:

- Bones of Contention by Paul Chambers
- The red queen by Matt Ridley
- Life of insects by Wigglesworth
- The pleasures of entomology by Evans
- Any one of the wonderful books by Stephen Jay Gould, especially Wonderful Life
- Biology of the amphibia by Noble

Now I guess the one, maybe two, readers of this blog will note that I am using a few books from the Decades Challenge. So much to read. So little time. So little time.


Debi said...

Really looking forward to your thoughts on The Red Queen! Sounds so interesting, but you know how intimidated I get by science books (i.e., is it above my head?).

Nymeth said...

Hi! It does seem made for you :D I look forward to stopping by more awesome and getting great science book suggestions.